Java at its best

A lightweight, scalable and optimized Java platform to build enterprise grade services and web applications, leveraging on its powerful Java API.

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Boost your productivity

Boost development team productivity and cost effectiveness. By reducing both the code complexity and the maintance efforts you can focus on business tasks.
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Modular but full-stack

The Holon platform provides a full-stack application development environment, still giving you the option to select only those components you need.
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A toolbox for innovation

Holon effectively addresses common business application concerns, such as authentication and internationalization.
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Open source and extensible

The Holon Platform is Open Source and extensible by design, open to the developers community and to the future.
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If you're a Developer or a Company


Take advantage of the reliable platform architecture and rely on the integrated modules stack to boost productivity and cost effectiveness, focusing on business tasks and leveraging on a large set of components and services to effectively address common enterprises’ concerns and needs about applications.

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The Holon platform Java API allows you to forget about the implementation and configuration details, whilst ensuring high extensibility and flexibilty. You can use Java from the backend to the UI, to get your projects on track in a very short time, cutting down the learning curve.

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The Holon platform is developed and made available following the Open Source model and guidelines, as well as all the other software components it relies upon, which are carefully selected to get the most out of every application stack aspect.

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16 April
open source platform
Relying on open source platform: a risk-free opportunity

Let’s see how an open source platform can be now an opportunity not only for the developers community, but also, and mostly, for companies.

  • Sophia Zamperoni
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09 March
Holon Platform 5.1.0 is coming up

We’re working on next minor release of the Holon Platform, that is expected to be stable and generally available by the end of March. Along with all the latest bug fixes, there is also a lot of useful features that made it to this milestone.

  • Riccardo Righi
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02 March
Holon Red Hat Middleware certification
Holon has been certified on Red Hat JBoss Middleware

The Holon Platform has been certified for the Red Hat JBoss Middleware and has been published in the Red Hat Certified Product Catalog.

  • Riccardo Righi
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