Get Started

Obtain the artifacts

The Holon Platform is a Java development ecosystem to create and maintain high quality, enteprise-grade web applications and services.

The easiest way to obtain the platform artifacts is by using Maven and the platform BOM (Bill Of Materials).
When the platform BOM is imported in your Maven project, you can declare the dependecies you need only specifying their group id and artifact id: the last artifact production version according to the platform version will be provided.

Explore the Holon Platform Modules to learn about the available artifacts.

Latest platform version: 5.5.0


    <!-- Example: JAX-RS starter using Jersey, Gson and Undertow -->

Create your first app

Check the Holon Platform Tutorials to learn how to create your first web service or web application in a matter of minutes.

You will learn, for example, how to build a RESTful web service or a simple data management web application.

Explore the examples to have a look at some ot the Holon platform use cases.

What's next

documentation Explore the Holon Platform documentation for API Javadocs and reference manuals.
examples Browse the code samples on GitHub.
modules See the available Holon Platform Modules list.
blog Check the blog for news, release announcements and in-depth articles.
questions Ask questions on Stack Overflow. We monitor the holon-platform tag.

support Learn about our commercial support services.

Platform Sources

All the Holon Platform modules are Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license. All the artifacts (including binaries, sources and javadocs) are available from the Maven Central repository.

The Holon Platform sources are hosted on GitHub. Would you like to contribute? Start from here.

Why we started from version 5

The platform is the result of a long history of studies, development and innovation steps aimed to create business projects and products for enterprises.

The version 5 is the first public and Open Source release of the platform, open to the developers community, and open to the future.

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