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The Holon Platform is a Java development ecosystem to create and maintain high quality, enterprise-grade, web applications and services. Developers can focus on business tasks by using the platform’s APIs and configuration facilities, whether they need to create a single service or a full stack application. Read more about the Holon philosophy or get started right now.

A real Java API:

Holon platform is designed as a “real” Java API, with the aim to leverage all new Java 8 features and to create strong abstraction layers to ensure implementation details encapsulation, high productivity and long-term maintainability with a minimal application upgrade effort to follow the platform evolution.

Modular and full-stack at the same time:

The Holon platform provides a full-stack application development environment, however you can select only the components or modules you need, replace some others or extend them by leveraging on the high configurability and extensibility features ensured by the platform architecture.

Property data model:

The Holon platform property data model architecture allows to use an application data model which is independent from the persistence technology and it is manageable with a consistent API, making it a shared asset for all application layers, from the backend to the UI.

Extensible by design:

The Holon platform components are designed to be highly extensible, configurable and integrable with other frameworks or libraries. This way, it’s the platform that fits your needs, and not vice-versa.
See the documentation to learn more.

Business applications oriented

The platform is the result of years of experience and evolution in the development of complex software projects and products for enterprises, while pursuing constant innovation aims.

business components A large set of business components is provided to get your enterprise application projects on track in a very short time with a minimal configuration effort.
Boost productivity Boost development team productivity and cost effectiveness using the platform’s Java APIs, reducing code complexity, resources training and maintanance efforts.
business applications Use the platform to effectively address common business applications concerns such as authentication, authorization, internationalization and system integration.
mission critical The platform is designed to create mission critical applications, thanks to its lightweight, scalable and optimized architecture.

We are Open Source

All the Holon Platform modules are Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license and the whole source code is available on GitHub, including a number of examples.

Would you like to contribute? Start from here.

Getting started

getting started See the getting started guide to obtain the artifacts and to get started with the Holon platform.
tutorials Don’t miss the tutorials to learn how to build your first service or application, or check the examples available on GitHub.
documentation Explore the documentation resources to deep dive into the Holon platform architecture and APIs.
modules Check the modules list to see the Holon platform components at a glance.

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