Holon Platform version 5.4.2 released

03 February

The Holon Platform release 5.4.2 has been published.

Let's make a brief summary of the developments that have been carried out in recent months on the latest releases.

5.4.0 release:

is the most substantial update and includes the alignment of several external dependencies to the latest version, among which we mention the main ones such as:
  • Spring and Spring Boot
  • Hibernate and EclipseLink
  • Vaadin and Vaadin Flow
See https://github.com/holon-platform/platform/releases/tag/5.4.0 for the complete list of changes.

With this release, enhancements have been added as a result of the additional elements introduced in Vaadin 14:
  • New methods for the Listing (Grid) component: scrollToIndex/Start/End and withColumnResize/ReorderListener
  • Integration in the Holon API of the ListBox and MultiSelectListBox components (as Inputs)

5.4.1 release:

provides external dependencies updates for RestEasy
See the changes at https://github.com/holon-platform/platform/releases/tag/5.4.1

5.4.2 release:

provides external dependencies updates for Vaadin Flow
See the changes at https://github.com/holon-platform/platform/releases/tag/5.4.2

As usual, all the platform artifacts are available from Maven Central.
  • Fabio Paroni

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