Holon joins the Vaadin fight for simplicity

04 October

We love the Vaadin framework and we use it from years now to build an amazing and modern User Experience for our internal projects and products. But above all, we choosed Vaadin to build the UI of many web applications for one reason: simplicity.

We share the values and objectives of the Vaadin fight for simplicity: focus on what matters the most, saving time which can be reemployed to create user value through better UX and features, and ensure freedom of choice, so that your choices are not limited by technologies, licensing or anything else.

The Holon Platform Vaadin module takes a step further towards semplicity and productivity, providing a fluent API to build the application components and backend connectors and a complete integration with the Holon Platform architecture, such as the Property model, the Datastore API, the authentication, authorization and localization support. Furthermore, Spring and Spring Boot are supported out-of-the-box, to exploit Spring's great feautures and services and forget about the most annoying configuration concerns.

Check the full-stack web application tutorial to learn how to build a simple web application in minutes with Vaadin and the Holon Platform modules, using the Java language only.

The fight for simplicity is just started, and we want to be part of it. Join us and get started with the Holon Platform!

  • Riccardo Righi

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