Holon has been certified on Red Hat JBoss Middleware

02 March
Holon Red Hat Middleware certification

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of Open Source, enterprise IT solutions. We share the Red Hat's mission to make the Open Source software a trusted and reliable asset for enterprise organizations, believing in the Open Source ecosystem as the most effective way to innovation.

For this reason, we're pleased to announce that the Holon Platform has been certified for the Red Hat JBoss Middleware and has been published in the Red Hat Certified Product Catalog.

You can learn more here.

We intend to go on in the Red Hat partnership process, to achieve more certifications and provide our contribution to the Open Source growth in the enterprise world.

Follow us to be informed about next steps.

You can explore two examples of a simple web application, created with the Holon Platform and ready to be deployed on Red Hat JBoss EAP, on GitHub:

  • Riccardo Righi

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