The Holon Platform is now open source

03 October

The Holon Platform

We're pleased to announce the first public, Open Source release of the Holon Platform: a complete and versatile Java ecosystem to build high quality, enterprise-grade web services and full-stack applications.

The platform is the result of many years of internal development and has been used to create enterprise business projects and products. There is a long history of development and evolution behind it, from the first version many years ago. The version 5.0.0 is the first Open Source and Apache 2.0 licensed release, open to the developers community, and open to the future. Follow us on GitHub and join the developers community!

Dive into a new way of developing in Java: the Holon Platform API is designed to leverage on the Java 8 new features, such as static interface methods and Optionals, to be simple and powerful, allowing to encapsulate the implementation details and to create high maintanable services and applications, boosting development team productivity.

The Holon platform provides a full-stack application development environment, however you can select only the components or modules you need, or extend them leveraging on the high configurability and extensibility features ensured by the platform architecture. A large set of business components is provided to get your enterprise application projects on track in a very short time with a minimal configuration effort.

The Holon platform is designed for mission critical environments, thanks to its the lightweight, scalable and optimized architecture and can be used to effectively address common business applications concerns like authentication, authorization, internationalization and system integration.

A wide support for Spring and Spring Boot is ensured by the platform to minimize configuration concerns and to focus on business tasks.

Furthermore, a complete Vaadin integration is available to build full-stack applications using the Java language only, from backend to UI.

So don't wait any longer and get started with the Holon Platform!

  • Riccardo Righi

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