Holon Platform version 5.1.4 released

05 July
Holon Platform 5.1.4 released

The Holon Platform release 5.1.4 has just been published.

This release fixes some bugs and provide external dependencies updates.

Furthermore, some minor new features were introduced in the Holon Platform Vaadin module:

  • The ItemListing builder API now provides methods to easily setup the column headers caption using HTML markup. See the updated documentation section.
  • The PropertyListing builder API makes available methods to configure the default listing columns display positions using declarations such as "display as first" or "display before/after another column". This can be useful in many situations to avoid the explicit column ordering specification of the whole property set. See this documentation section for details.
  • It's now easier and quicker adding virtual (or "generated") columns to a PropertyListing component, using the new builder API methods, which allow to declare the property value provider function and to configure the column before adding it to the listing. See the documentation to learn more.

See https://github.com/holon-platform/platform/releases/tag/5.1.4 for the complete list of changes.

As usual, all the platform artifacts are available from Maven Central.

  • Riccardo Righi

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